More than ever, we are realizing that waiting for a disease to manifest lessens our chances of not just survival; it also minimizes our ability to live long, live active, and live healthy lives. Being proactive about wellness and taking steps to prevent disease is the key to to a future of vital health.
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To Your Health

Inflammation is a precursor to many diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Measuring inflammation through thermal imaging is a proactive and preventative method for detecting diseases which significantly improves your chances for longevity and good health.

Thermal Imaging?

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (or Thermography) creates images that illustrate heat patterns in the body. The thermal images are analyzed for abnormalities which may be signs of disease in the body.

Once a year

Annual Thermograms allow you to map changes in the bodies heat patterns over time and can alert you in any deviations from the norm. 

Mapping your health annually helps you detect changes often before disease develops.